1. Blessed is Willie Williams, for he turns off the lights
  2. Blessed are Bono's hair stylists, for they make us feel better about our own looks
  3. Are they gonna use these for U2charists?? (Google them, they actually exist and they're super weird)
  4. I did upload one, in Spanish. Would be nice it it ends up being used
  5. Blessed are the greatest hits packages,
    Because not everyone can afford everything.
  6. Blessed are the mothers....for their is the womb of our future
    Blessed are the fathers....for theirs is the seed of love
  7. why do i get the feeling that Bono is going to spend five minutes every night rambling on about blessed be the ....
  8. It's the one song on the album I always skip yet sadly it's going to be a mainstay on the tour
  9. Blessed is Ben
    The greatest of members
  10. Blessed are the friends, for they know you best
  11. I am looking forward to this one the most.