2018-08-31 - Berlin
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 1
  1. I'm only going to 1 show for the European tour, so I'm quite happy about the stability of the set list - I know what I'm getting so I can just relax and enjoy the show and focus on the performance.
    I went to Pearl Jam and I had a shortlist of what I wanted, some I got, some I didn't, and spent all night wondering what is next.
    It would certainly be nice from a bootleg point of view to have some more variety, but for the majority of people that go to only 1 show per tour it's not such an issue

  2. I always felt with them having a disco ball hanging they would play Discoteque. Sadly not though.
  3. They could be playing their last concert ever in old Larry's freaking kitchen and they will still not play A Sort of Homecoming.
  4. Nice to say that I wil be seeing the boys in Berlin later this month
  5. So looks like I'll be attending both shows!
    Anyone want to team up for an airbnb nearby?? PM me.

  6. Hi everyone!

    This is the seating chart for Berlin taken from Eventim. Is this right regarding the sides??

  7. Yes it is
  8. I'm counting the days!! I'll be in Berlin for both the shows
  9. I have a seating ticket for the second show (September 1st) in Block 207.
    Would anyone be interested in trading it for a standing ticket?
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  11. Me and my mate are on the early flight from Manchester on the 31/8 and staying in the Easyhotel in alexandraplatz as accommodation was quite pricey.