2018-08-31 - Berlin, Germany - Mercedes Benz Arena

On Friday 31 August a U2 performance in Berlin, Germany - Mercedes Benz Arena is scheduled to take place, share your participation on this page with us:

We would like to know which shows you attended and which shows you are going to attend. On this page you can see which members attended or are going to attend this show. Maybe you can send some of them a private message to meet up or talk about this show.

show attendees: 84

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
19 users from Germany:
Bonolina, Christoph001, Jan_Dub72, MacStripey, MaikU2, MalteOD, Mona_Lizard, MrEdge, Olli, Smooney14, VanHimmel, chris_rde, flowerchild, hardti, loftarasa, nadgahan, playboy512, sparko, u2makesbono

17 from Netherlands:
Backdraft, Coen, Eelkie, Eriktotti88, FromU22U, JoeHar, Moonboot, Remy, U2123, Zwervervriend, itisme, michelpas, mofothethird, rubenennoa, sdiermen, wtonis, zift

11 from United Kingdom:
2victoriandogs, CraigFairlie, Hans23, Hotmumma, Turkued, Welsh_Edge, Wi1dOne, conjasnat, jonno77, superkev, zooropa93

6 from Italy:
beppetorino, fabriset, flyingkite, kiss, mastrovox, mikykarky

5 from Poland: LukaszU2, anyaz_pl, grida, grzeko, pawelp
3 from Finland: MariMa, Ramppa, freaky
3 from Czech Republic: Happy24, JaroslavK, pan_Feroslav
3 from Ireland: fakeboner007, germcevoy, treasure
3 from Denmark: MichaelU1230, helsinge55, henrik_t7
2 from Norway: asandvik, dancj
2 from France: bp0105, sam06000
1 from Brazil: marciniak
1 from Arizona: malamute
1 from Croatia: xMARIN
1 from Greece: panasol
1 from Austria: krypto1983
1 from Slovenia: apis
1 from Belgium: stevie
1 from Vermont: danalhf
1 from Spain: LikeASong
1 from Australia: 360fly
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ticket overview (8)

  1. By angelcamm       Send message
    2 tickets to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    cerco 2 biglietti berlino 31/08/2018 contattatemi

  2. By JaroslavK       Send message
    1 ticket to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    I have one GA (standing) paper ticket for the first Berlin show (31.8.2018).
    I will trade it for GA (standing) paper ticket for the second Berlin show (1.9.2018).

  3. By alexsoU2       Send message
    2 tickets to trade (E-ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    Hi! Im interested in trade 2 GA tickets for 2 tickets in front of the screen (lower or middle tier), contact me if you're interested!

  4. By daniforu2       Send message
    2 tickets for sale (Paper ticket)
    Seating ticket: Unterrang, Block 218, Rei
    Price: 478,60€ (460,80€+11,90€ =

    I have 2 cllector tickets for sale. I will attend the show my self, but will be standing in the arena. I payed 478,60€ to Ticketmaster for these tickets.

  5. By enjoytheclaw       Send message
    2 tickets for sale (Paper ticket)
    Seating ticket: 201 - Row 7 (in front of
    Price: 45 each + 29 of delivery

    Unfortunately I cannot attend the show; I have to adjacent seats with limited visibility on Mr MacPhisto on e-stage. Sending after payment, or I'll try to arrange hand swap in Berlin.

  6. By Lukasbiba       Send message
    1 ticket to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    I have a GA ticket (colllectors) for Berlin 1 and I'd like to trade it for GA ticket for Berlin 2. Anyone? I'll be in Berlin for the 1st show.

  7. By fv45pfap       Send message
    1 ticket for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: Unterrang 104, row 13
    Price: 175 EUR (Below Face Value

    For sale 1 lower tier (Unterrang) ticket section 104, row 13. 175 EUR which is more than 60 EUR Below Face Value!
    Collector ticket, Have ticket in hand and will send immediately registered upon receipt of payment. . Ticket for the other show in Berlin already sold. Face Value without shipping was 236 EUR, Including Shipping it was 251 EUR. PayPal available.

  8. By Jasimb       Send message
    1 ticket to trade (Paper ticket)
    Seating ticket: 413, Row 1

    Hello, I am looking to trade a block 413 row 1 ticket for a GA ticket on the same night, Friday 31st August.

    Please contact me to arrange, thanks.