2018-09-08 - Paris
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2

  1. The Experience and Innocence tour will hit Paris, France.
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    2018-09-08 - Paris, France - AccorHotels Arena
    2018-09-09 - Paris, France - AccorHotels Arena
    2018-09-12 - Paris, France - AccorHotels Arena
    2018-09-13 - Paris, France - AccorHotels Arena

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  2. 17 sleeps to Paris 2 !!!
  3. I can see 1 & 2 being cancelled - gives Bono extra time to ensure his voice is ok.

    We’ll see I guess.
  4. Checked in for flight from East Mids to Barcelona. 4 days in Barcelona, taking TGV up to Paris on Saturday for Red Zone show on Sunday. 4 sleeps to go !!!
  5. So first two nights the same setlist, night 3 one change and night 4 back to night 1?
  6. I wonder how many are in the line...


    It’ll be higher than I think.
  7. 162... who knew


  8. 1800 check in