2018-10-27 - Belfast
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 1

  1. The Experience and Innocence tour will hit Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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    2018-10-27 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - SSE Arena
    2018-10-28 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - SSE Arena

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    Coverage from U2start
    We will be there as well represented by some crew members, and we'll provide you extensive coverage via Twitter and Instagram mainly, with some bigger updates through our Facebook. Make sure to follow us where you can

    Other relevant topics
    We have a topic dedicated to the tour in general, with spoilers.
    And a general tour topic, spoiler free.
  2. Hoorah
  3. Hallelujah.
    Not got my tickets yet, anyone ???
  4. That's probably because they are paperless Take your CC
  5. Not got my seated ticket, GA for the 2nd night is that a print at home job?
  6. can't wait!
  7. Properly excited now,finally going to see my favourite band in my home city!
  8. Where would be a good place for pints in Belfast the day of Belfast 1 ??
  9. At a pub probably
  10. Are jaysus you making the trip up? I’ll send you a few.