2018-10-28 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - SSE Arena

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review by Orentelori

5 years ago


It was lucky that I came to the very front and was able to hear everything directly. The four guys from U2 looked like they had a lot of fun. It was a well thought out performance that interacted with the audience. Because of the 360 ​​degree stage, which was used by U2 in all directions, everyone had the opportunity to see the guys from the front and sometimes up close. It was just fascinating to watch the boys. I was mesmerized. There was a highlight after the other.


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From the beginning, the enthusiasm in the audience was felt. Everyone waited peacefully in the ranks at the beginning and later in the SSE Arena Belfast everyone was friendly and the growing enthusiasm was felt. As the show progressed the more enthusiastic the audience became, singing, clapping, dancing and jumping. It was just rock'n'roll! U2 always encouraged their fans to join in and cheered them on.

When Adam stood on the baricage with his bass and fascinated me with his playing, he looked straight into my eyes. I thought at first that he was looking somewhere, could not believe it, but he looked right at me and I was in his spell. For a fraction of a second there was only both of us in the crowd. I looked at him, we smiled at each other and I could not resist the urge to wave to him. One last direct look, one last smile and he turned around, was the showman again. It was amazing!


On the morning of 28.10.2018 I was with my family in the Titanic Museum and therefore drove past the SSE Arena. There was nothing big to see except the trucks of U2 and some employees of the SSE Arena. When we drove back to the city center I saw a big crowd with cameras near by the trucks and saw the guys from U2 - but it was to despair, because I did not get out of the bus and it felt like the next stop was 200,000 Kilometers away. Of course, then no one was there when I went back to the trucks.

I had sold my seat ticket for half price and got a GA ticket from a friend. I was so excited, I lined up at the GA queue, where everyone stood peacefully and chatted with each other. Then, all of a sudden, I saw Remy talking to a young lady, thinking he looked the same as in the interviews. Of course, he did not recognize me, but it was nice for me in my still moment to see him.

Then it started slowly that we came bit by bit way to the inlet. The inlet itself was unspectacular, very different than in Berlin. Inside, it was still relatively empty, so we got a great spot at the baricage, very close to the main stage. I was able to watch the crew's preparations, the final soundcheck, checking the drums from Larry, the guitar from Edge, the bass from Adam and of course the microphone from Bono, Technik Check ...

The four boys then came through a passage below the stage and went upstairs. The show started and it was breathtaking from the start. It was well thought out, the songs very well matched, the mood increased. It was nice to see how the boys enjoyed their game, how they interacted with the audience. I like all the songs from Innocence and from Experience but with the “new” songs from AB it’s more fresh, more enthusiastic.

When it was over after the encore, it is sorted outside, no scramble. Outside, huge crowds went over the pedestrian bridge, causing it to wobble. There were many taxis ready, but they were already occupied. At this time drove no more buses. This little town of Belfast stood by the U2 concert head. There was a hunt for due taxis. - And finally, after an hour, completely frozen, happily intoxicated by the U2 concert, I found the taxi driver Patrick, who drove me to our apartment. It was a great show and I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the final show in Berlin.

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