2019-12-04 - Saitama
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 4
  1. Originally posted by toysfornoise:if you see the gloria video you can see all the seats throwing their hands out, as they usually do with their idol girls or boy bands, copying the moves, they simply love it ....
    The crowd in the seats was pretty good during that first set.
  2. Did he throw the new remixes in there? Because that's where those belong...
  3. I noticed Larry singing backup on Red Hill last night, when did this start?
  4. I think that's been hapenning since the start of the tour, 2017 that is
  5. U2 are playing Red Hill Mining Town?
  6. I think Larry is just helping Edge with the “hooooooo hoooooo-oooooooo” backing vocals in RHMT.

    He also wore a mic for 2017 versions of ASOH, but I could never make out what he was singing.

    We need to make a list sometime of all the songs Larry sings backup on, just for my own curiosity.