2019-12-15 - Mumbai
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
Videos: 1
  1. india is def safe, but as anywhere be aware of the regular scams like tuk tuk drivers taxi's etc, simply google those words, and be informed so less can happen !
    dive into the world of some online searches about acc in mumbai and try to decide on your area or budget, traffic can be horrendous so you might want to stay close to the stadium , i dont know as I am not goinhg to mumbai but visited the place some years ago .... have fun and be amazed by India ... its magical but you need to go with the flow !
  2. Also, when you book your ticket there is no delivery option for outside India. Anyone any ideas
  3. Is pick up at venue available?
  4. Can’t see that either mate, just wondering if anyone else had bought tickets for there internationally
  5. Yes, quite a number or folks flying down to India from other countries. Tickets can be picked up at the venue till the concert day.
  6. I am going there...... Tickets must be collected from the venue.
  7. Put in a postcode when it asks you to. It will say they cant deliver to there and will give you the option for box office collection
  8. Any news on support acts for this gig ?
  9. Nope, but keep in mind that it's a show in India. We usually get info about support acts 1.5-2 weeks in advance and set times, entry details, parking details etc like 4-5 days before the show.
  10. Cactus World News would be a perfect support act their first release, and best known song was "The Bridge", which was produced by Bono and released on their Mother Records label back in 1985 they were one of the better Irish bands to emerge in the 80s and like so many others fell by the wayside maybe U2 could revive their career once more.
  11. Got a front GA for sale if anyones interested. Have had confirmation from BookMyShow that you can collect it from the box office.
  12. Extra seats have been added in sold out categories now. VIP, Front GA, and 3 sold out seated areas now have a few more tickets on sale.
    Is this a sign of good sales?
    2-3 other categories only have like 50 tickets left per category, so they should sell those out before the show too