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17 shows during 4 tours
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1998-02-11 - Santiago
"I don't know how this show could be an.."
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favorite tour: Experience and Innocence tour
"12 shows on this tour... an unforgettable experience following the band across Europe, meeting so many fans from across the world. After the setlist changes it went to another level."
favorite show: 2018-11-13 - Berlin
"The climax of following the band around... captured on film... crazy crowd... the best setlist of that tour. "
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"The 90's reinvention, without it, the band would not be here today."
favorite song: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
"The greatest Bono vocal take recorded. Nothing can top this. This was his and the band's peak. The song live just cannot compete with the studio version. The music video in Berlin directed by Wim Wenders to top it off is just iconic. "

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