1. Hello, everybody. I'm Florian Holland and I study communication design in Munich at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design. My bachelor thesis is about developing a show concept for a possible (let's all wish for it) U2-ZooTV-30th Anniversary Tour. For this purpose I created this survey - a concept is based on a 50% fixed show and a 50% "Fan Request" show. So vote for your favorites and help me with my research! Thank you in advance - are you ready for the laughing gas?

  2. Done...and good luck
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. I’ve had a go if I’ve remembered it right here it is in the form of a Setlist. I feel like I’ve left a song out but I’m happy with this anyway.

    1-12 AB
    13. Zooropa
    14. Stay
    15. The First Time
    16. Dirty Day
    17. Bad
    18. Where The Streets Have No Name

    19. City Of Blinding Lights
    20. Every Breaking Wave
    21. Lemon (bono singing low, same arrangement musically though (key changes are also allowed))
    22. With Or Without You
    23. Love Is Bigger
    24. 40
  5. Done!
  6. done
  7. Ready
  8. Done
  9. Done
  10. What if Florian is actually The Edge partnering with Willie Williams and we're doing their job for free?