1. Pretty sure this is It.

  2. I honestly think he hasn't a lot to lose? I can't see writing an A.B. as a bad thing for him.
    His persona has so many facets from childhood, to rock stardom and debauchery, jetsetting and eventually politics, and being brought back to a mere mortal by multiple with accidents, injuries, and fighting with your body (and likely your mind) at "that" age.

    I guess a lot of people / reviewers (scum of the earth) are gonna have high expectations of it. Maybe that's the only thing ? But I'm sure this is gonna be a well selling thing and pleasure to read.

    Wonder which U2starter will finish it first
  3. I took the comment “just hope he don’t lose it” as a witty reference to when he lost his notebook with the original lyrics for the October album; i.e let’s hope he doesn’t leave his MacBook with the final manuscript somewhere. 😂

  4. Remy. Before you even get past the formation of the band, there will be a deep analysis of the book up on our content page