2011-07-30 - Moncton
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3
Videos: 1
  1. Happy Birthday / Ole Ole (snippet)

  2. Haha, I checked and yes, IE Cologne had 27 songs (and one snippet of Happy birthday!).

    This is still a long show, so bring a chair.
  3. (Okay this post was more off topic than I anticipated....)
    They got an ad lib AofH, a couple of IE sets had 27 songs on the set if I remember rightly but had a song dropped, Cologne managed to keep its 27th (well... ISHFWILF was dropped but they got an ad Lob AofH) - off topic but for the record I maintain that The Fly at Glasgow 1&2 should be counted as songs cos Bono sang the lyrics live (and it was for a while by u2gigs), but mainly cos I was at Glasgow 2 and that would give it 27 songs

    The second last Paris show had 27 bit the last song was People Have the Power and Patti Smith ruined bad so I think that show should just be forgotten

    Quite a few shows on the last leg of 360 had 26 songs... bringing out the nostalgia hits for the end of the huge tour I imagine

  4. This is out of topic but I gotta say... if U2 are planning to make a museum in the future, I hope they have exhibitions of the big scale tour stages like the Zoo TV stage, PopMart stage and especially the 360 Claw stage. It would be my dream to just lay beneath the "space station" and marvel at it's majesty like a kid looking at the stars.

    I'm looking forward towards the livestream. Can't wait.
  5. Page, there was actually discussion about a theme park in Dublin for old U2 stages.

  6. I know right. Edge's twitter was great.

    This final photo on his Twitter, LOL