1. Anyone else been watching iso-concerts?

    I've just finished watching The Airborne Toxic Event do an energetic 90 minute live set in Studio One at EastWest Studios in LA and last Sunday I spent four hours watching the Recharge music festival from Melbourne, where artists performed 40 minute sets in a studio with professional lighting, sound & cameras.

    While those were more sophisticated, I've also watched about 5 other artists I like in 20 minute acoustic sets from their own lounge room as part of the Isol-aid festival that has been running for the past 8-9 weekends on Instagram.

    Obviously, it's different to being at a gig in person but I've found it an enjoyable experience all the same. It's also been a good way to lend financial support to an industry that has been crippled by this virus. Last weekend's Recharge festival was free but over 1500 people bought tickets for the event and also merchandise; with the proceeds distributed to support artists and crew.
  2. Mike Herrera of MxPx, Goldfinger, and Tumbledown has been doing 1 hour acoustic shows every friday in April and May. They can now be found on youtube by searching "mike herrera quarantine" and I think there is 7 right now with next weeks being the final one. It can be watched live on the mxpx Facebook page.

    I also caught Matisyahu's 5 song performance for some celebration a couple weeks ago.