1. Oh yes that's right. I like Australian music too. Some AC/DC, The Church, Crowded House (NZ & AUS) But The Oils make a nice come back and Icehouse is still going strong. Happy to see Michael Hutchence once. Amazing.
  2. I've been into Karnivool last couple of months if it comes to Australian music. Not everything but Sound Awake is hell of an album

  3. Ive had moments where I would only listen to U2 for weeks long, but I love them so much it never gets boring.

    Sometimes I listen to a song like Electrical Storm and be like: damn this song is really good, and have it on repeat the whole day
  4. I now take a long walk every day (Pandemic life) and nearly always listen to U2X on Sirius. Since its inception it's hard for me to want to hear anything else!
  5. I listen almost every day to U2. That started a year of 5 ago. Still not bored by their songs
  6. I would say about 90% is U2 and pretty much listen to some every day. Loving U2-X radio.
  7. I've started every morning with Pride and ended each day with Pride for about 27 years, so i can say that's at least 9 minutes every day. Add in music during vehicle travel, or youtubing, or XM and I would say i average 60-90 min at least per day.... at this minute i'm listening to some 'u2-dance-remixes'!
    ..other music of interest right now... young Irish band from Dublin area... Inhaler!-Ice Cream Sundae, Falling In, are great!
  8. You know Inhaler is bono's kid, right?
  9. At least onde a day!
  10. i like to listen music on shuffle (spotify or mp3), my playlist have around 500 artists, so inevitably at least plays around 10 u2 songs per day. so yes, U2 still playing regularly in my day to day, it is not like it was at the time that I discovered the band, but it is still pleasant to hear them
  11. I always take breaks between albums and tours and listen to other things meanwhile, same as my forum activity.
    I do listen to some album or songs from time to time, but not as frequently

  12. ...since Alison gave birth to him... he is just the lead singer/guitarist..the band is good!