1997-12-03 - Mexico City
Tour: Popmart
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 1
Videos: 1
  1. I am also excited and looking forward to this, but they have so much more they can release, this covid lockdown is the perfect time to release more concerts from their career, I mean I love Slane Castle and Popmart Mexico and the others but there is just so much more they can remaster and release. If they want to make money they should sell old famous shows on vinyl/dvd.
  2. i'm sorry for off topic: any news about Heartland movie?
  3. same old same old - doesn't really matter if it's in 4k 5k 6k etc - it's the same concerts with THE SAME PERFORMANCES AND THE SAME SONGS

    if they want to attract new fans - really? so out of touch with what people want - then fine and dandy but release stuff ALONGSIDE these for the fans that have stuck by you and bought every ticket, every album, every single (as well as the shitty ones), every dvd release, every piece of merchandise - just give THOSE fans something too will ya!

    U2 will always be my all-time favourite band but this - no matter how they 'dress it up' - is nothing new

    better quality that's all - and that's appreciated but it's all a bit painting the old house so it looks nicer - it's still the same old house
  4. Seeing tenses shows for the first time in years in (hopefully) much much higher quality will be quite the experience for me. I no longer watch them often and in the case of Slane, the DVD quality is so poor that I just don’t bother.

    I’ll watch these in my own time. New stuff would be better of course but this band and/or management are either hugely lacking in ambition or motivation to deliver what long term fans want but what is more likely the case is that we make up such an insignificant number of sales that it’s not worth the investment for management to dig into the vaults, rework and remaster shows then distribute them.
  5. The editing on the ad looks promising, not sure how much of that will translate to the actual broadcast though.

    I'm surprised they aren't doing this for subscribers only. Doing it for free on Youtube is too modern and democratic for the U2 corporation.

    Not gonna say a word about the same old concerts being reused over and over again though
  6. I bought the Popmart DVD just the other week but hadn't got round to watching it yet. Might as well wait for the upscaled stream now.
  7. The Popmart DVD doesn't look as bad as Slane and Sydney but it's obviously still 480p and definitely not up to par with the HD standards we have today.
  8. I'm usually very critical of what U2 release but I can't really complain about this. They're giving us Red Rocks, Slane and Popmart all upscaled for free. I guess their hands were tied with choosing Paris because it looks like they're doing a concert from each decade. They couldn't have chosen 360 because that DVD was from the 2000-2010 decade and they already chose Slane. They couldn't use Berlin because that was a Subscribers gift. So Paris it is.
  9. Friendly reminder: we all thought the 2020 Slane broadcast was gonna be upscaled or remastered but it wasn't
  10. From U2.com announcement page
    Announcing news of U2 The Virtual Road, YouTube's Dan Chalmers described the four concerts as 'the most memorable and iconic in the band's history, and indeed rock history at large"

    Could almost be true had they not omitted Zoo-TV - the most ground breaking, direction changing and innovative show of their career.
  11. Yes but they never came out and said that Slane 2020 was going to have "enhanced visuals and remastered Audio".