1. I wonder if Bono will snippet this song. "Where is the U2.com gift we've been waiting for?

  2. where the strings have no gain

  3. He nailed it

  4. Adam looks so much younger since he shaved his beard. I never knew he played keyboards.
  5. I found this a very weird performance, why wasn't Bono (even) on stage with them? Sounds like a live vocal take though (different than the single version)
  6. Anyone think this song will become a staple on U2's next tour? I could see them giving it the *cringe* Streets kind of slot or treatment

  7. The video from the EM has several errors in the continuity. Really sloppy work. I only noticed it the second time I looked.

    Error One

  8. Error two

  9. Error three

    All pictures you can see the timestamp /timecode / left