1. Originally posted by mattfromcanada:I'm gonna resurrect this thread and here's why.

    My 6 year old daughter does not want to listen to U2 only because it's my idea. She's like that in life; unless it's her idea, she doesn't lean in to it too easily. So I can't force U2 on her (not that I want to lol - it would be nice if she liked them). Anyways we finally got around to watching Sing 2 this last weekend. Well I did not mention U2, Bono or anything at all. I just let her watch the movie. Well guess what's her favourite song? She's played it on loop, and walks around singing it. So I don't care what anyone says about this song; this will now forever be the very first U2 song she liked, and I am perfectly accepting of that! And now back to your regularly scheduled programs, thanks for listening
    My 9-year-old daughter leaned over to me during the movie to make sure that I knew the lion was Bono. "You know, the guy who sings You're the Best Thing."
  2. I wish Streets was longer. I didn’t make it to the end of the movie with my toddler nephew but found it to be a good watch and the few U2 songs used were all perfectly placed and suited (especially Stuck).