1. Won't judge til I hear the whole thing, but it feels very shmaltzy.
  2. hmmmm lets wait till Wednesday
  3. Sometimes I hate this band
  4. I'll reserve judgement until I hear the whole thing. Although Clay Calloway's voice sounds very processed in this tik tok snippet
  5. I’m loving the snippet, can’t wait for the whole thing!
  6. It’s a song for a children’s animated movie. I’d keep expectations for depth of lyrics and innovative sound experimentation to be kept extraordinarily low.

    Hopefully it’ll be a fun little throwaway pop tune - always good to hear Bono’s voice on any tune.
  7. i have already songs for when i passed away
  8. U2 fans are like Star Wars fans. They hate anything new. the chord progression and melody sound like something was thought of, not copy n paste pop progression.