1. i've listened to the song a few more times just to see if my initial reaction was too harsh

    i've studied the lyrics, the motive behind the song and its musical structure

    i've taken into consideration the development of the song and the reasons for its construction

    i've looked at edge's progression both musically and artistically

    i've taken on board the fact that bono wants to widen his musical repertoire whist the band are in their current hiatus - and to also feed his creativity both lyrically and as an singer

    so taking all that into account...

    ...it's still shit
  2. Saw the movie today. It's really funny and the song fits it well!
  3. Great to hear! It comes out Dec. 22 here in the USA and I'm planning on taking my daughters over Christmas Break. We are all excited.
  4. quick, someone call doc...

  5. Anyone here know where we could listen to the extended intro version of the song than runs for 4.27 minutes?