1. Newly interpreted or reinterpreted or reimagined has nothing to do with the acoustics per se in music. With acoustics, nothing is amplified, but comes from the instruments with the resonance or from the resonance body, or through the sound.
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    Newly interpreted or reinterpreted or reimagined has nothing to do with the acoustics per se in music. With acoustics, nothing is amplified, but comes from the instruments with the resonance or from the resonance body, or through the sound.
    You should take them to court for wrongly labelling it as acoustic if that’s what you believe. Since the issue is so dear to you I’m sure you will be happy to put the time and effort into making your legal case. Good luck and hopefully you’ll be spending that much time working on that you won’t have the time to continue to bore us all on here with it.
  3. Meh big deal. I'm looking forward to the acoustic, reimagined album 🍷

    I just hadn't realized it had been billed as an acoustic release

  4. Well Cobain played electric guitar on MTV Unplugged so... I guess we (as fans) should really take a deep breath and relax about it... it is what it is ... not a recycled NLOTH outtakes but easy take on old songs... better that than nothing. We will have full verdict in 2 months... maybe one should treat it as a "B-side" extravaganza?! Once we had extra 7-8 songs/alt. versions on singles per album... now we might get a 2track Spotify/Tinder/Twitter or RedTube exclusive single... so the 40+ retakes is still hell of bonus

    I'm more worried about the bunch of colors... can we get a plain silver CD with tracklist and Island logo on it as an alternative to green cassette?!
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    I'm not really seeing a whole lot of "derogatory" language levied at the band in this thread. "Intense criticism"? Definitely. But nothing I would consider "derogatory". The only thing I can find in the recent pages is someone comparing listening to this to being waterboarded - but I see that as cheeky and kind of hilarious, not derogatory. You'll probably find far worse criticism in the inevitable Pitchfork review of this album.

    I'll try to speak for myself as much as I can here, as I've been someone in this thread voicing criticism.

    People criticize things as intensely as they praise/love them. I would say that just comes with the territory of being passionate about something. Sure, with most things people can just shrug it off and move on with their day. But as we all know, the people on this website are so passionate about their fandom for this band that they can't simply shrug it off and move on. We can't just walk away and say "guess U2 isn't for me anymore, ah well." We love this band so much and feel the need to voice our frustration, because we feel passionate about it. We want to see this band doing the things that we feel we know they're capable of (and for many of us, that "capability" can be seen as recently as in the b-sides of their more recent records).

    Yes, that notion is probably unrealistic, irrational, and perhaps a waste of time. Maybe all of us who haven't been satisfied with the output of this band for a little while now are wasting our time being here, or even thinking about this band. I can tell you that personally, I don't listen to U2 all that much anymore. That said, I'll always be interested in checking out anything new they have coming out, I'll always go see them when they go on tour, and I'll always return to this forum to discuss those things.

    And on that note, this is a discussion forum. For as many posts as I see lambasting this release (or what we've heard of it so far), I see just as many posts lambasting the people who are doing the criticizing.

    So, if we don't like something that a band we've loved is doing, we should just keep our thoughts to ourselves and not post here among our fellow fans? Do you really want an discussion forum echo chamber full of nothing but blowing smoke? Sounds awfully boring to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I completely agree with many of the things you said - particularly about the band aging, and fans managing their expectations. Like I just said, I'm probably guilty of having unrealistic expectations of them myself. But at the same time, I don't think you can blame people for being passionate, or for voicing an opinion on an open discussion forum. In my opinion, someone voicing praise for the snippets we've heard is just as valid as someone saying "probably time the band threw in the towel".

    At least people are being honest, and I would wager that the band values that over anything when it comes to opinions on their work.

    I also have to say that I think it's a bit objectionable and quite the presumption to imply that those of us who aren't liking what we're hearing and voicing it have some kind of internal issue we need to "figure out". I realize you were referring to the "derogatory" posts you mentioned, but still. I'm quite stable in my life (at the moment, lol) and can tell you that it's no internal struggle that makes me agree with much of the criticism I've seen here..

    Thank you, you are making some very valid points. It is important to be honest, and a constructive discussion is alway interesting. I would not expect a positive echo chamber, and I have been critical about the band many times since I became a fan in the late 80s.

    It's just hard to come here every day and be exposed to negativity that is maybe not even really about the band and what they do, but about other things like people's own expectations and frustrations with the band. Unfortunately internet posts and social media do make it easy for people to be a bit too intense in their wording. Why spoil the broth and be so strongly negative about something that none of us have even heard let alone had time to fully experience and absorb? I don't see the point and it does raise questions about why people feel the need to do it. Surely this doesn't apply to everyone and in particular to you :-)

    Also, maybe I'm the one who has stuff to work out if I react like this to things being said here LOL. I will try to ignore certain posts and move on, but it is still good to remind people to sometimes think before they shoot.
  6. Regarding criticism of U2: it's cyclical and necessary. Their best work has always been born of critique and Brian Eno. It's okay to pan mediocre work from a band capable of the impossible. My gripe is that even when things were bad, there was a level of grace and quality that was always maintained and upheld. Since the departure of Manager Paul, it has become safe, boring, and cheapened art. Maybe Gavin can make a cartoon about it for the Bono Book Club Vegas Mega Church Show?
  7. Originally posted by beerok:.....We have a 5 year old at home and we try to teach her that how we speak and how we react is our own choice and responsibility. If you dislike something, it is better to just let it be. Constructive comments and discussions are good to have, but plain bashing and trashing is quite pointless. People who do that tend to have some kind of inner unresolved conflict that they can't deal with.......

    And this is what's wrong with the youth of today and why they need a hundred 'trigger warnings' everyone is a wallflower and too easily offended, you can't have a passionate discussion about something with out offending someone these days .... to just "let it be" ?


    Back on topic , like others have said already no one is beyond reproach certainly not U2. Sure they don't owe us a damn thing but when you have been emotionally invested with something for many decades over you have every right to disagree with the bands narrative. It's called passion ( something the younger humans in this world also know nothing about).
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  9. Originally posted by cmaly:...Regarding criticism of U2: it's cyclical and necessary. Their best work has always been born of critique and Brian Eno. It's okay to pan mediocre work from a band capable of the impossible...

    Probably the best comment on this matter ! So damn on point.
  10. Been a member of this forum since 2007, and I swear most of what I read here is just constant bitching. I don't chime in very often anymore. Idk why I am now, but as I write this I understand it's fine and maybe healthy to critique what you love but I see people throwing their hats in the ring before this album is even out.

    I'll admit I was not thrilled to hear they were reworking some songs, but the more info we got and with it acting as a companion to Bono's book, it began to make sense. I've been a fan for over 20 years at this point, and every time I think U2 might be doing something that has me scratching my head, they somehow do it like no one else and I end up loving it. I expect this to be the result with this album, as I have only heard Pride and the snippets from the book.

    For me, the stakes for this album are pretty low, so no point in getting worked up over it. It's a passion project, so I look forward to finally hearing it. I will always be most excited by a new album and I am dying to hear Songs of Ascent.

    I'll also take this time to thank U2wanderer1 for all you have done, do, and will continue to do on behalf of us and keeping us abreast of information!