1. Originally posted by eddiemonsoon:On a secondary note. If you've ever seen an interview where Stewart says he only took the prospect of a reunion seriously when Sting sent him the setlist then here is that setlist.

    voices inside my head
    when the world
    driven to tears
    walking on the moon
    synchronicity 2
    don't stand
    every little thing
    walking in your footsteps
    demolition man
    de do do do
    murder by numbers
    wrapped around your finger
    invisible sun
    beds too big without you
    truth hits
    king of pain
    hole in my life
    bring on the night
    every breath
    cant stand losing you
    so lonely
    next to you

    A second version began with message going into every little thing as it did on the Ghost in the machine tour.
    Haha, yes I remember him saying that in Better Than Therapy.

    "Only then I began running around my studio hollering" haha
  2. Completing the trilogy (check the previous page requesters)

    Manchester Evening News arena 18 6 2008
    average audience recording


    i've asked for the previous night in working order in four places so ...
  3. Thanks
  4. Just posted this elsewhere in the hope that it might be reciprocated with that other manchester gig.

    The Police Seattle Key Arena 6 7 2007 (ALD)

  5. Are ALD sets still handed out? There used to be a lot of U2 ALD recordings in 2001 and 2005 but they quickly disappeared off the map - I wonder if due to the terrible audio quality or because they discovered that there were bootlegs made out of them.
  6. I've no idea but i'd bet you are right with the latter reasoning - although you are also right with the other they don't sound as good as they are made out to be.
  7. Brilliant stuff eddiemonsoon