1. So are they just doing this to force UEFA to change something or what...
  2. For the English clubs it will be about automatic places in the Champions League (with no qualifying round to negotiate) and more money from the TV rights. Not only does six into four places not go but when those little upstarts Leicester and maybe West Ham threaten to get in the way then six into two definitely doesn't go. Arsenal and Tottenham have got to one Champions League final each, not won it, won a couple of the lesser European trophies but that is hardly a history of European success. There's a few English clubs who could match the lesser trophies category.
  3. They're doing this because they want a bigger share in control and more money. They seem themselves as the "elite". An average Champions League campaign would earn a club £40m - £70m. The winner receives £150m. JP Morgan are giving all the clubs that sign up to the "Super League" up to £250m. That's just for signing up. Doesn't include any prize or sponsorship money etc. UEFA can't compete with that.

    Every year the same clubs threaten a breakaway or propose a project such as"Big Picture". Every time they do this they never face the consequences for doing so. Now that they have officially signed on, and Clubs are dropping out of the ECA as we speak, the message from English Football should be loud and clear:

    Fuck off. We'll packs your bags for you.

    English Football will recover from this. You are naive if you don't think it will. English Football is much bigger than the "big 6" clubs. The pyramid is what makes English Football great. UEFA, FIFA, The Premier League, The FA and all the other governing bodies have come out and publicly stated X Y and Z will happen to these clubs if they sign on. Now do it. Expel them from their leagues immediately. Remove them from the cup competitions and the European tournaments. Make sure those players that player in the "Super League" can't play for there Nationals ides.

    Refuse them entry back into the domestic leagues when the "Super league" goes tits up and they end up playing every week in the States, in Asia and in the Middle East. That's who this new league is designed for. These clubs have turned their backs on English Football for a long time now. It's time to cut all ties.
  4. This is a fairly "out there" suggestion but it would be good to see the Government step in and say we've sanctioned travel and bent the rules to accommodate European football at the moment despite coronavirus but since this isn't a governing body approved competition we wouldn't do it in future for this. As a very casual fan these days of one of those clubs even I think they should be banned from everything else if they go ahead. But they should also be banned from buying players from other clubs immediately and banned from competing in next seasons European competitions also.
  5. I sincerely hope that the leagues and governing bodies stick to their guns and make life very, very difficult for these clubs.
  6. The EPL was born/structured to thwart a proposed breakaway in 1992 of a proposed ‘European Super League’ The European Cup became the Champions League to thwart a proposed ‘European Super League’ the same season.These so-called ‘Big 6’ as it stands in the EPL are already in a Sky Sports Big 6 League,financially it’s not a level playing field.Oh and by the way,all of those supposed ‘Big 6’ are massively in debt....I won’t lose sleep if it happens,but in all honesty,I just can’t see it coming to fruition.I’m all for any sport evolving in the 21st Century (take cricket) but this is a revolution,a very unnecessary one.And for the record,I don’t support/follow any of those teams.

    ‘With the 1st pick in the Draft,Liverpool Liverbirds select...’
  7. This is going to be quite the circus isn't it?

    Spurs fired Mourinho, allegedly because he refused to take players onto the training grounds over this news.
  8. Originally posted by Remy:This is going to be quite the circus isn't it?

    Spurs fired Mourinho, allegedly because he refused to take players onto the training grounds over this news.
    The first one to be fired in Super League. Special One.
  9. This is such a shitty idea. Money money money more money. Argh
  10. Ander Herrera is the first player to speak out.