1. Eh I kinda like it because it’s so not U2 lol
  2. Originally posted by zbych:Remember When Blackberry sponsored the 360 tour and there was mention of special u2 app if I remember there were even some leaked screens but it never got published

    Pretty sure there was an app.
  3. https://www.u2songs.com/news/the_crystal_ball_a_look_forward

    Quite interesting stuff here. Thanks as always for the updates u2wanderer1 and everyone at u2songs. A lot of it just piecing together bits the band have been said but this reinvention of the older tracks is interesting me and it’s not just acoustic reworkings which I’m quite surprised at actually. More excited about the brand new material right enough but the reworkings will fill the gap a bit, I’m guessing whilst it specifically mentions they likely won’t tour in 2022 (or don’t have plans) that doesn’t rule out a few promo performances of the reworked stuff? Still don’t think they’ll be full on touring new material until 2024, brand new album late 2023 imo but I hope I’m wrong and it’s sooner.
  4. Thanks U2W1

    It wouldn't surprise me if we got a SOI/SOE BOGO type bonanza from them once COVID is over.*
  5. this one seems way more in line with what Bono was talking about.... visuals to accompany the album listen. And a connection to Apple. And 2016 fits the time line (after SOI, but before SOE)
  6. Bono on being humble: “I’ve tried it. I’m over it.” “I’m going to be loud and proud”

    Kind of goes back to what we’ve been saying lately about Bono seeming “insecure” or something along those lines. Looks like he’s wanting to change that
  7. larry is like wine