1. Originally posted by Monopoly:They always do acoustic stuff like this for politics. Clinton library, Clinton birthday, 2017 Canada. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I really don’t care for an acoustic album with “politically aware” lyrics. It’s just putting off the actual next album. I agree they’re past their prime and JT17 was the final straw of them becoming a legacy act. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy future music or tours.
    They have been “politically aware” since 1979 hahaha get a grip

  2. Exactly..... I was surprised to hear him sing so well !!
  3. you’re right you #1 u2 fan. Can’t wait to hear American soul acoustic. I’m not attacking the fact they make political music, I’m just saying I don’t want political acoustic music.
  4. Where do I sign up for tickets to the acoustic orchestral tour?
  5. Proof that Bono can actually sing WOWY when he doesn’t try to force it. Lovely performance.
  6. I usually hate their accoustic versions and I feared the worst seeing they played WOWY but .... IT'S AWESOME!
  7. i'm big surprised with this perfomance of WOWY
  8. How did he play the sustained outro?