1. Who is U2NT and why are they telling everyone to renew memberships for tickets ASAP?
  2. Just going off U2songs/other rumours?
  3. I think U2NT is just going off the same rumors we have here. They don't have any new info. However, if the rumors are true, the Vegas tickets will be going onsale sometime in the next month or two. So it stands to reason that if you want to participate in a presale, you'll need to re-up your membership.
  4. We’ve been told Vegas will go on sale in late February. They’ve started filming promo material to advertise it. The Vegas papers are also saying things are getting closer. Bono and The Edge have been talking about it.

    So yes, it’s likely a good time to resubscribe. Each time a tour is announced, those subscribed before the announcement get included in a higher presale group. But there’s been no announcement yet that there will be presales for the Vegas shows…
  5. With a brand new venue I feel like a lot more caution is needed. The nature of building these venues means even after an announcement and ticket sales, which could be 7 months prior to the first shows, the gigs might still not take place if there was an issue with having it ready. This isn’t the same as rumours for a regular tour where it’s pretty much down to when the band and their team are ready to press the go button, the venue has to be built on time.
  6. I think there is also a bevy of u2.com subscribers that need to renew at the beginning of March so these dates would make sense.
  7. Idk if this is news but I’m proud of it

  8. And.. mobile version

  9. I thought exactly the same thing yesterday. What a great, great musical and visual journey. I might criticise the band too often and too harshly, but watching this yesterday made me SUPER proud of what they have achieved.