1. Hell no Hahahaha I have avoided all thing Last of Us 2. The best part of that game will be the story so I would hate to read leaks.
  2. Been playing:

    COD: Mobile
    Zelda: BOTW

    I hope to get back into Skyrim, but for now I sold my copy...

    Wanna try Witcher 3 for Switch
  3. Thread of the all the games ive played during lockdown. Currently playing Star Wars Battelfront 2 (2017).

  4. Things the PS5 Looks Like

    It's how pizzas get delivered in the I, Robot movie universe.

    The loser will use it to stab the winner of a fighting game tournament final.

    It looks like it's trying to hide in a manilla folder because it knew it wasn't ready to be revealed.

    It looks like if a Transformer turned into a fancy Japanese toilet seat.

    It looks like the router you bought because it looked cool only to later realize is had one-and-a-half stars on Amazon.

    It looks like if EVE from Wall-E was a Roomba.

  5. Still playing and loving No Man's Sky here on PC - it's a great relaxing chillout experience - great to play at night too. Also been playing Two Point Hospital - a really fun Hospital sim game - anyone who remembers Theme Hospital from back in the day will enjoy, its basically a reboot of that game with a diff name. And a little Burnout Paradise Remastered.fo fulfil that need for speed.

    All thoroughly good and I'm sure Edge would thoroughly disapprove of! Sorry Edge gaming is in my blood.
  6. Whens everyone going to make the transition to next gen then? I keep telling myself Holidays 2021 but I'm feeling myself getting caught in the hype so might be early next year.
  7. The existence, pricing and launch date of the Xbox Series S got leaked earlier. Which led Xbox to officially announcing it. The Xbox Series X pricing also got leaked. A GAME store from the UK (our version of Gamestop) tweeted that Sony have planned a PS5 announcement for tomorrow (the tweet has now been deleted). With the consoles expected to launch on November 10th, more official announcements are bound to happen soon.

    The Series S is digital only, and is basically just a gamepass box. It's not the same spec as the Series X but its a great entry level option for someone who wants to experience the next generation of consoles on a budget.

  8. Darn that’s compelling. I have only just started dabbling with a One S and have enjoyed it so far.
  9. It does look a good deal. You can get a Next Gen Xbox, with Xbox Gamepass ultimate and Xbox Gold Live Multiplayer for $25 a month if you choose to go through Xbox All Access.

    So for $25 a month you can get a Next Gen Xbox and nearly the whole Xbox game Catalogue. That's insane. I'm wondering if Sony will follow a similar price pattern for their digital PS5?

  10. Deary me. I already have all access at £11 per month or so. Hmmm. Food for thought.
  11. Not sure why I haven't played PES all this time. So much better than FIFA.