1. Yep, that's coming from U2mp3s.com....

    The track (demo 1 as well as demo 2) is on White Sapote and I already had that one.
    Just didn't have the chance yet to listen it properly.

  2. Here are the files I shared on u2log.com (and u2mp3s.com) back in the day.

    Files: 01 - U2 - Goldeneye (Demo 1).mp3 and 01 - U2 - Goldeneye (Demo 2).mp3
    Source: Record label in-house promo cassette
    Quality: MP3 VBR, 44.1 kHz, Joint Stereo
    Size: 13 Mb
    Location: http://www.sendspace.com/file/prn26f
    Comments: These are the same files I had ripped and shared a few years back on u2log.com. These studio outtakes were given to me on cassette tape (without catalog number) from an anonymous industry source - the B side of the tape had some to-be-released Stuart Copeland soundtrack. The reason why the tags mention a secure EAC rip is because I used to import wave files (ripped from tape or vinyl) into EAC and convert to mp3 that way.

  3. Thanks for posting
  4. Originally posted by Wikipedia The theme song, "GoldenEye", was written by Bono and The Edge of Irish rock band U2, and was performed by Tina Turner. The Swedish group Ace of Base were also involved at one point, producing a song also called "GoldenEye". This song was later released with slightly revised lyrics as The Juvenile on their 2002 album Da Capo.

    Thank God that song was rejected:

  5. shit this is awesome!

    love the MacPhisto accent
  6. Yup, I like it too.
  7. all links are dead

    please re-upload
  8. Would also appreciate a reupload of this

  9. I got them elsewhere, and I'm happy to upload if no one else beats me to it by the time I get home tonight.
  10. lol what a coincidence.. I watched something about tina turner yesterday and they showed a live clip of her singing that song and I was like 'I could listen to this again' - I love the macphisto voice - and today the topic pops up here