1. I saw Breathe as an opener about five times and each time it grew in it's opening magnifice.
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    Zoo Station a la ZooTV might be impossible to knock off as #1. Real Thing re-imagined in later 360 shows (Toronto 7/11/11 was my experience) was pretty great. Breath has never quite grabbed my attention though.
    It’s annoying to think that my 4 favourite u2 openers I’ve never actually seen live as openers. I still think Breathe is a great song though, definitely my favourite from NLOTH.
  3. "Sixteen of June, Chinese stocks are going up
    And I'm coming down with some new Asian virus
    Ju Ju man, Ju Ju man
    Doc says you're fine, or dying

    The lyrics frightens me
  4. Yeah Chinese stocks were up big today lol song now making sense
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    It also has one of the most fasctinating stereo separations in U2's catalogue - listening to it is a completely different story with speakers/car stereo vs headphones/earphones/IEMs. If you listen just with right earphone you'll notice a lot more of the piano, while you'll pick up most of the guitar when listening with just the left earphone. Even some of the backing vocals and sound layers are panned, as well as the bridge before the solo (there is literally zero sound coming in from the left channel other than the piano, and then it explodes with the guitar solo). There's even a subtle musical difference: even if the song is in the key of Bm, in the main riff the crunchy guitar on the right side sounds major (like it's doing D>B>A>B>A) and the heavy guitar on the left sounds minor (like it's doing D5>Bm>A>Bm>A). Aahhhhhh I could go on for hours. I SO love this song since the very day NLOTH leaked It was a lifetime ago...

    Amen. This song is so underrated. And you’re right, the mastering on this song is incredible. Love love love it
  6. Indeed a great and very underrated song. For the causual maybe not a good opening song but I do like the slow built up opening during the first leg of the 360 tour.
  7. Originally posted by deanallison:I really like the song but don’t think it was a great opener. I enjoyed it live but I do like a more atmospheric sort of build up. The band just walking on stage one at a time isn’t really my ideal opening to a show. It would have been much better than boots as opener right enough for the rose bowl release. When I think about it though it probably is the 2nd best opener I’ve witnessed in person and best song quality wise I’ve witnessed as opener as well.

    1. Blackout
    2. Breathe
    3. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    4. The Miracle
    5. Elevation
    6. Vertigo
    7. Return Of The Stingray Guitar

    If I’d seen Real Thing on 360 or COBL on the vertigo tour they’d be at the top of the list but I didn’t. Zoo station is my favourite they’ve ever done and streets is up there but again not seen them as opener in person.

    Pretty sure none of those have an atmospheric build up?
  8. I would say blackout did with the way they did it with the intro and screen and they’re the only openers I’ve seen from the band in person. My favourite openers do all have a big build up but I’ve never seen them as openers in person, zoo station with the amazing zoo tv intro, COBL on vertigo tour, streets on JT tour and Real Thing on 360, all great openers not just the band walking on the stage one at a time which I think isn’t the most exciting.
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  10. 'Breathe' would have worked mid-set slot better like when they moved 'No Line On The Horizon' there.