1. Yeah, Breathe is probably my fav song from NLOTH, but when they dusted off EBTTRT (at the time is was the first time in 10 years and the first time it was the Fish Out Of Water) man that was ELECTRIC. The light show, the new (at the time) arrangement that started slow with the solo then exploded. It was great. It just got everyone jumping
  2. Originally posted by germcevoy:This video nails my memory from night 1 (despite being filmed on night 2). The Nou Camp was perfect for the tour with that steep tiered bank of people visible through the rear of the stage.

    2009 was just around the time that Xenon Flash cameras still took precedence over phones. Just flash after flash after flash. Spectacular.

    [YouTube Video]
    Still impressive after 13 years I remember being literally blinded by all those flashes when the show started. Crazy stuff.
  3. Fantastic outro as well. Perfect U2 song