1. Originally posted by cesar_garza01:What the hell happened here? I just wanted to celebrate Kid A. Listened to it today, still amazes me what a departure it was from their early records. Can't decide between it and OKC. They're like Joshua Tree and AB. Also both bands were miserable after the massive success of their tours (extended until 89 for U2, 98 for Radiohead) and that's how we got AB and Kid A. Even the titles have similar words!
    Exactly....even Amnesiac is to Kid A as Zooropa is to Achtung Baby!
  2. Welcome to U2start, yall!
  3. The price is now equal to 16€ ~
  4. Very true. However, I’m curious if they reconstruct it all as a double album with all the tracks reshuffled.
  5. If You Say The World