1. edit: nvm
  2. Just download The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention with Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. Very enjoyable listen!
  3. @hoserama's recording of the December show is excellent.

    And I don't know why, but track #3 ("The Opposite") which starts around 6:10 reminds me a bit of the jangly rhymtic Edge guitar style from The Unforgettable Fire period on tracks like Wire.

  4. New album of The Smile for next January 26th "Wall Of Eyes"
  5. More Diet Radiohead!
  6. Radiodead?
  7. The Smile is all fine and good, but I really wish we were getting a new Radiohead album instead.
  8. Sadly I don’t think we ever will again. Sucks so much.
  9. Are any of The Smile albums as good as "OK Computer" and "In Rainbows"?
  10. I don’t believe so. Though to be fair, not many bands have albums as good as those two.