1. No b-sides!
    (Unless you purchase the cassette!!)
  2. There were only 2 singles, so that would be a short album of b-sides
  3. In most cases, yes, but both Pyramid Song and Knives Out had four extra tracks.
  4. Hello hello!
    Anyone has this:
    2000-07-04 SFB Sendesaal, Berlin, Germany (Nigel Edited SBD) fixed version (dime) (.flac)
    Thanks for an answer!
  5. Don’t have what your looking for but the ridleybradout flac version is solid. Great artwork, too!
  6. Thanks for answers!
    Thats not the version i am looking for: cant find it. The torrent is no longer at dime. Also not at TTD.
  7. Yeah I have give me a while.
  8. Waiting for The Smile project 1st album.
    The livestream shows at magazin london are very good