1. New album is terrific. Can’t wait to keep listening to it. I just love The Lightning 1 & 2. Hoping to catch the tour.
  2. It's a very beautiful sounding album
  3. Finally got to listen to the album. Age Of Anxiety (specially part II) is the weak link, I'm surprised they put it as the opener... But the rest of it is beautiful and very well crafted. The Lighting I&II is one of the best songs they've ever done, it's a shame it was the first single of the album. Unconditional 2 is fantastic too. Very much looking forward to the tour
  4. Toronto and other North American dates just announced. What an opener! Beck!
  5. didn't liked it that much, some lyrics are very good but sometimes too repetitive
  6. Age of anxiety, lightning and the title track are the ones that grab me immediately. Those tracks are up there with some of their better work and thankfully the album as a whole is much better than the last. The last one should have been an ep

  7. Regines outfit in age of anxiety is familiar