1. Yep, more or less what I said.
    Originally posted by Droo:
    Dirty Day's Junk Day Mix on the Best Of 1990-200- B-sides is everything I want the album version to be: noisier, heavier, more industrial, with more screamed vocals (the "hey-ee" in the "chorus" and the screamed WAKE UP!!!). I like the album version, don't get me wrong, but the Junk Day Mix just shows me how much better Dirty Day could have been.

    Oh, I love the WAKEEE UUUUUP scream too
  2. The worst part is, on the album version right before the quite "Wake up", you hear Bono take a really deep breath. You can tell he totally used the scream in that take, which then had the whispered one spliced in later.
  3. 20 years ....

    coming out from a couple of concerts ... going home right in time to buy the new album .. going to other concerts .. all in a few days .. is really something else ...
    and what concerts! what album! .. what days!
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  6. I'll celebrate its release tomorrow - it came out on July 6th in North America.

    The album has been around for EXACTLY half my own lifetime!
  7. happy birthday zooropa, an overlooked (and ambitious) masterpiece!
  8. Happy Birthday Zooropa
  9. The only songs by U2 I listen to during tour/album breaks are from Zooropa... that must say something about its quality Probably my favorite album by them because I never tire of ti. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOOROPA
  10. Just played this while relaxing in the sun. Perfect summer album.
  11. I loved the song (Zooropa that is), as I've just visited Zooropa in Rotterdam and the intro of the song reminded me of the intro and sound of the concerts

    O and I love the alarm clock at the end of the album