2010-10-02 - Coimbra
Tour: U2 360° Tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 1
  1. beautiful day

    hello am i alone tonight ...or what ???
  2. i will follow
  3. get on your boots

    Is there anybody outhere ???
    or is this a private party ????
  4. Im here. The rain stops me from going out, so i will be watching the setlist tonight
  5. magnificent
  6. im here. i guess the setlist is going to be pretty standard...
    but who knows they could surprise us again...
  7. yes we will see .... maibe tommorow more surprises

  8. I think tomorrow we will see some suprises, or at least I hope.
    I just see Desire has been reheared again, hoping they will play Desire today or tomorrow
  9. I follow you Emiel
  10. I'm here
  11. I think Mysterious Ways is great this tour, didnt like it very much at the Vertigo tour but this tour its just great. Esspecially the Move me spirit, teach me part