1. Love it
  2. I like it as well. Let's hope they announce dates today.
  3. Anyone know ticket prices for the North American leg thanks
  4. 185!
  5. It wa only a matter of time before they charged the same as every other arena act. It is what it is. I selfishly Hope it stops some people from going to multiple shows, especially the msg ones.
  6. I requested Vancouver 1
  7. I'm in for both Berlin shows.
  8. Put in for Sacramento and 2x Vegas, but will prob only do Sacramento. Have a friend trying to talking me into opening weekend plus some rehearsals in Vancouver.
  9. I requested both LA dates. I may need to see this tour.
  10. Vancouver 1&2 for me and that'll have to be it, unfortunately.

    Those Seattle shows at the end of May would be nice to see but it's not going to work for me with them both being in the middle of the week.

    Wrigley is tempting for the end of summer but that's a very big long shot.

    I hope everyone gets what they put in for. I'll guess we'll know soon enough.
  11. You know what? I quite like it, too!

    Never really got into Gigaton...Lightning Bolt didn't have any staying power with me... Backspacer? I can count on one hand the number of times I've listened to it (although I've listened to live versions of all the songs dozens of times)...

    I mention the above only to stress that I have some real hope for this album. Really looking forward to the tour in a few months even if I'll likely be finished with it just days after it starts! Can't believe it's been 5.5 years since I've witnessed a PJ show!!!!