1. no lol
    but seriously my favorite color is black and my seconds is red
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    Don't worry, I get it

    I've got a bootleg (FM Broadcast) of a show they played at Soldier Field in Chicago from 1995, touring on the release of Vitalogy. It's AMAZING.


    1. Release
    2. Go
    3. Last Exit
    4. Spin the Black Circle
    5. Tremor Christ
    6. Corduroy
    7. Whipping
    8. I Got Shit
    9. Dissident
    10. Even Flow
    11. Deep
    12. Jeremy
    13. Rearviewmirror
    14. Glorified G
    15. Daughter
    16. Animal
    17. Habit
    18. Lukin'
    19. Not For You
    20. Elderly Woman...
    21. Immortality
    22. Alive
    23. Porch
    24. Everyday People
    25. Let My Love Open the Door
    26. Better Man
    27. Black
    28. Blood
    29. Yellow Ledbetter

    JEEZ! What a set

    oh its amazing where can I find that ?
  3. I have the dvd of Pearl Jam in Madison Square Garden with an Eddie Vedder with short hair ( it's very rare ^^ )

    the setlist here

    disc one

    Love Boat Captain
    Last Exit
    Save You
    Green Disease
    In My Tree
    Even Flow
    Gimme Some Truth
    I Am Mine
    Low Light
    1/2 Full
    Spin The Black Circle

    disc 2

    You Are
    Thumbing My Way
    Daughter ( with Ben Harper )
    Crown Of Thorns
    Do The Evolution
    Crazy Mary
    Indifference ( with Ben Harper )
    Sonic Reducer ( with Tony Barber )
    Baba O' Riley ( with Steve Diggle )
    Yellow Ledbetter


    Throw Your Arms Around Me ( and not around the world ) with Mark Seymour
    Dead Man
    Fortunate Son
    All Those Yesterdays
  4. Yes, I've seen that DVD...GREAT show. "In My Tree" is unreal from that show.

  5. one of the best version for me what emotion in voice of Eddie

    my favorite

    Special dedicace for all Jeremy ( like me )

    it's the tour what I saw but me it' was in Werchter but it's the same stage behind them

  6. yeah I agree you but I prefer In My Tree with the amazing drums intro in 1996 show
  7. there are some videos from this dvd on youtube

    but the Eddie's hair comment instantly changed my mind about that.
  8. I know it's not a topic about Temple Of The Dog but Temple Of The Dog is all pearl jam members with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

    so Temple Of The Dogs is close to Pearl Jam

    and this song is great

  9. why my video of Hunger Strike doesn't work ??

  10. In My Tree is a great, great Pearl jam song. Should have been a single. Oh well, it will have to remain a hidden gem for "true" fans.