1. I think there was already a "Trip to Dublin" (or similar) topic, but I can't search it from my mobile phone, and I sincerely can't wait to post this.

    After all this years, my dream is gonna come true.

    I'm going to travel to Dublin from July 27th to August 2nd 2011.

    Fuck hell yeah
  2. I'd like to have as many as suggestions from you people as I can.

    General questions

    -What should I visit and what not?
    -Where should I have lunch and dinner?
    -Is there any plausible way to do a day-trip to Cork / Galway?

    U2 questions

    -What should I visit and what not?
    -Where do I have more chances of meeting the band and/or relatives to the band (McGuiness & the like)?

    I'm soooooo incredibly excited, enthusiastic and moved
  3. Wooaaah!!

    That's one of my dreams for this summer as well, along with going to NY to see U2.

    Hope I can realize one of them!
  4. Ah glad you're finally making the trip Sergio Dublin to Cork you're looking at a 3 hour trip, to Galway is a bit less. That's by train so I don't know if that fits in too much for you

    As for parts around the city I'd say you'd like the Guinness Brewery tour thing, that's good fun as well as the Jameson brewery tour too. You might want to check out Croke Park, they do tours there. Not too sure about the Aviva, but it's nice to look at from the outside I'll think of some more thing as I go along, any questions just drop me a line man
  5. Kilmainham Gaol is a must. Me and Jeremy did it between U2 gigs in 09. Go to Temple bar and get an 8 euro pint aswell.
  6. When i was in Dublin i went to a tour to Conamara and it was a beatiful trip

    I also went to Galway and it is a very nice ( and small) town with a lot of places to have fun and a lot of young girls
  7. Originally posted by LikeASong:
    U2 questions

    -What should I visit and what not?
    -Where do I have more chances of meeting the band and/or relatives to the band (McGuiness & the like)?

    omg, Sergio, I can't tell you just how happy I am for you I still remember the first time I made it to Ireland, it was the most exciting and moving trip ever. Even the weeks of looking forward to the journey was precious

    I'll be back with more tips, as you know I've been to Eire quite some times by now but as for the U2 things to see and visit, I can only recommend this U2 travel guide -- the first time I went to Dublin, I had this printed and with me - you will find all the places very easily, and you won't miss a thing:

  8. If U2 didn't exist, would you all be this enthusisatic about going to Dublin?

  9. Very good question. I think I wolnd't be THAT enthusiastic, but it's definitely one of the places I always wanted to visit. I mean, U2 have been with me since I was born (and even before) and I've grown with them AND with the dream of visiting their hometown... Just to reduce it at one sentence: In my opinion, U2 is an essential part of Dublin, and Dublin is an essential part of U2.
  10. You've got to sign the wall in that studio, Sergio- it's a must
  11. Thank you all for the kind words! I'm so excited for this I'll drop you all a line when the moment comes, specially Kirsten who can give me the foreign-visiter experiences, and Joe who of course can give me the Dubliner one. Thanks thanks thanks
  12. I almost went to Ireland a few years ago but the trip (financing) fell through.

    I went to Boston instead.