1. That's shocking! Although you can have doubts about her role in Rohingya departures, a military coupe is always bad news.
  2. Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away today.
    A truly inspirational man who raised more than £32m single handed for the NHS here in the UK.
    It is hoped he will be given a full military salute in honour of his achievement.
  3. I've read that U2 are considering doing a streaming of the Achtung Baby 30th anniversary, performing the full album.
  4. source?
  5. Any link or image to read?
  6. I guess she read it in the thread Anyone think we seen the last U2 show....someone made that up day before yesterday
  7. lmao
  8. I don't really know where Id ask this, but it would be cool to be able to see what your favorite versions of songs are, and other users too.
  9. Anyone know where this notification is from? I keep hearing but I have no idea where it is from
  10. Moment of Surrender. It was part of the sub-theme of using Tech terminology in lyrics in the writing of NLOTH.
  11. I became a big fan of The Weeknd recently, and his new character of his recent album kinda reminds me of The Fly
  12. Interesting advert