1. Life begins with the first glance
    The first kiss and the first dance
    All of us wondering why we are here
    In the crystal ballroom underneath the chandelier

    Wet the glass until the glasses sing
    We punish our hearts 'til the heart bells ring
    Cos' where we come from we're not always kind
    The human soul is what love leaves behind

    We're the ghosts of love and we haunt this place
    We're the ghosts of love in every face
    In the ballroom of the crystal light
    Everyone is here with me tonight
    Every...one.. but you

    Our first chance is their last dance
    Our life is shaped by another's hands
    Buttoning and unbuttoning a cold cold dress
    Stopping and unstopping every cold caress

    Born for bliss born for this
    Every human life begins with a kiss
    A kiss by every kind of possibility
    And everyone is here tonight with me

    We're the ghosts of love and we haunt this place
    We're the ghosts of love in every face
    In the ballroom of the crystal light
    Everyone is here with me tonight
    Every...one.. but you


    Bono leans in to my face so our noses are almost touching, and he sings, unaccompanied, “Life begins with the first glance, the first kiss at the first dance, all of us are wondering why we’re here, in the Crystal Ballroom underneath the chandelier . . . We are the ghosts of love and we haunt this place, in the ballroom of crystal lights, everyone is here with me tonight, everyone but you.” It is sean-nós in shades.

    “I need to tell you something really weird about this song,” he says. “It’s called The Crystal Ballroom, which used to be the name of McGonagles in South Anne Street [now knocked down]. A whole generation of Dubliners would go to the Crystal Ballroom for dances, and many couples first met there. My mother and father used to dance together in the Crystal Ballroom, so that song I just sang you, which hasn’t been released yet, is me imagining I’m on the stage of McGonagles with this new band I’m in called U2 – and we did play a lot of our important early gigs there. And I look out into the audience and I see my mother and father dancing romantically together to U2 on the stage.”

    Bono takes a deep breath and, speaking slowly, says, “I have just realised that my mother died 40 years ago yesterday, and here we are today playing our new album about Dublin, which is about my family and what happened to me as a teenager.

    “My mother died when she was at her father’s funeral. She had a cerebral aneurysm. I was only 14. And in this song I am singing, “Everyone is here tonight, everyone but you.” And it’s me wanting to see my mother dance again in the Crystal Ballroom and for her to see what happened to her son.”

    Apparently this song is, like many others on SOI, about his mother and Dublin.
  2. I think those lyrics are beautiful, will that be on the expected Songs of Experience ?

  3. No it will be on the retail release of Songs Of Innocence. There will be four new tracks and a couple of acoustic versions of current songs on it.
  4. I have high expectations when it comes to this song. The description sounds like its to good to be just a mere 'bonustrack'. Can't wait!
  5. However a little offtopic

    From the same interview, this just made me laugh:

    [...] The Edge then pitches in, talking in some detail about Dublin City Council’s policy on cherry blossom trees. How he knows this I can’t imagine.

  6. .........Then I ran into you
    And that cherry blossom tree
    Was a gateway to the sun.............
  7. I think this gonna be a single, a month ago Mark Romanek posted a tweet from a crystal ball, and that's why gonna be into a video, but just a think.
  8. Nice tune.
  9. Nice tune.
  10. Actually brilliant. This one has funk
  11. Where have you found it. If I search will I find it
  12. Great song - best of whole CD2 - it should be on the main album.... It's very interresting, sonically different...