Female, 37
Vancouver, BC, Canada
IT guru
photography, botany, astronomy, geography, history, GIS, dance, music, cartography, art history, red wine, dark chocolate, travel, bees
8 years ago
about BCRobyn
Once upon a time there was a silly young girl who accidentally fell in love with U2 at the young impressionable age of 12. The year was 1993, the month was March. 5 months earlier she was invited to see U2's Zoo TV tour in Vancouver by some girls in her class. She declined, as she didn't know U2. 5 months later she realized her unfortunate mistake and she kicked herself for that for many, many years. From that day on with Achtung Baby in her hand, she discovered a world of U2 and rather quickly explored U2's back discography, taught herself how to play it on her father's 12 string guitar, and religiously followed U2's path in the media as they feverishly conquered Europe and Australia over the next 8 months. Little did she know how much this era of U2 would ignite her passion for music - something that continues to stir deep within her to this day, 16 years later.