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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"I went to three shows on the Elevation Tour. From the moment Elevation started that first show - and everyone knew every word to this at-the-time new song - I realized this was going to be special. I also saw a show at Madison Square Garden post 9-11 which is one the most emotional U2 shows I've ever been to."
favorite show: 2001-10-25 - New York
"The most intense U2 show I've ever attended. The emotion was palpable in the room the entire night and the band & audience were in sync in a special way. "
favorite album: Zooropa
"I can't explain why this is my favorite. I feel it works best as a total album - once you start picking it apart song by song the whole suffers. Stay is a brilliant song and the Wanderer as a closer was an inspired choice."
favorite song: Until The End Of The World
"One of the band's strongest performances. The Jesus-Judas dialogue makes this so memorable on its own but sonically it's goes to a whole other level. It's one of their best live songs too."

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