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Music, music... Oh I forgot Music !!! And photos too !
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Because it's after my favorite album. They were at their game at these time. My favorites parts from the live from Sydney : the intro and Zoo station and Bullet the blue sky/Running to stand still/streets. "
favorite show: 1989-12-31 - Dublin
"Some here at U2start made me discover this live and it became one of my favorites."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"My all time favorite album from any bands. It's impossible to know how many time I have listened to it. This album saved my life so many times and still does."
favorite song: Bullet The Blue Sky
"A friend made me discovered U2 via this album, and Bullet the blue sky is one of the best song live, every version is awesome and perfect."

about Bloom74
The first song I heard from U2 was Bad just after the Live Aid, so you can easily imagine from which decade i'm !!! lol But the first album i bought was Achtung Baby. My favorite since then. However, i'm still waiting for my first concert ! I missed 3 opportunities : one in 92, one in 2010 and the last in 2015. But 2017 is gonna be THE year, i'm going to see them in Paris, this time I have my ticket !!!
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