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Art in every form, soccer, music, running, taking picture, my cat,
2 years ago
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favorite tour: Experience and Innocence tour
"Actually, my favorite show is U2 360 tour, but I've only seen pictures and videos of it. I've seen their last tour, Experience and Innocence Tour, who was my first show ever of them and I have absolutely love it."
favorite show: 2018-06-06 - Montreal
"My first show ever of them! Bono spoke my native language (french) with so much of fluidity. I was over the moon, I was so happy. Plus, I met my idols, what a wonderful night!"
favorite album: All That You Can't Leave Behind
"This album include a lot of memories for me, even if it was release the year I was born. This album was always running in my house, so I grew up by hearing their songs. They're absolutely amazing!"
favorite song: Beautiful Day
"Words, the singer, the group. This song is really special and it's bringing me a good feeling. This is my song when I'm deseperate and I need hope. Bono's voice has something magic. "

about Flavia11
I'm 17 years old, almost 18. I am a french canadian woman who love u2's music since forever (it always played in my house, because I'm still young). I'm stuying in art for now and I love sport. For the last two years, I became a fan of them. They are my favourite group and I absolutely them.