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Família, U2 Songs, Old Volkswagen especially Golf MK1
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6 months ago
4 shows during 3 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"Back in time, good old memories."
favorite show: 2017-07-29 - Amsterdam
"The first night in Amsterdam was magic, the crowd was excited and loud verry loud from happiness. You could feel the adrenalin through the ArenA, this did not go unnoticed by our Irish leads. She motivates the crowd to get even louder, sing with us, sing with us. "'Sing Your Heart Out, Sing Your Heart Out Amsterdam"' Magnificent experience."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"On my 14th birthday I was allowed to choose a surprise from my parents. At that time I was completely loved the song DESIRE and got the 12 "Vinyl LP Rattle and Hum. A year later I bought my first CD and that was" The Joshua Tree. The love was on."
favorite song: One Tree Hill
"I do not know why, but I always get tears in my eyes."

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