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7 shows during 3 tours
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Just ahead of Lovetown, where the band were at the top of their game with amazing versions of God part II, Hawkmoon 269 & One tree hill. ZooTV Sydney - The Fly, cricket highlights, One, Stay, Dirty day into Bullet, Running & Streets segway, Lemon into new mix With or without you, finished off by Blindness & Elvis! Can't beat it mate!"
favorite show: 1998-02-27 - Sydney
"My first ever concert! I had no expectations; i was stepping in for my bros late mate Burger & i was just happy to be "going out" with my older sister & brother. The show absolutely blew me away, i was just in complete awe and i finally got the hype of this band. Highlights: the size of the stage, the booming sound, the guy climbing the scaffolding in the rain & surviving and the lightning used in perfect synchronization with the band closing out the show with One. The songs that grabbed me; Gone, Bad & Staring at the sun"
favorite album: Zooropa
"Babyface, Lemon, Stay & Dirty day"
favorite song: Red Hill Mining Town
"Chills every time! The second chorus ooohs; the band in top flight & Bono's vocals. Larry seems to be the only one who gets it. The song that drew me to U2 & i play it for anyone who doesn't like them, yet to fail. This song just takes me on a journey"

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