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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"Elevation was, in my opinion, u2's best tour because of it's set list and overall tone. It was a very emotional time especially in America. Because of this, many bands had to stop their live shows. However, u2 didn't cancel their tour. They knew that they could make a difference with their powerful music. "
favorite show: 2011-07-26 - Pittsburgh
"I was too young to attend this show but I remember my parents going. It was a big deal when they came to Pittsburgh. I didn't know why though. I thought that Pittsburgh to them was just another town. Obviously not. After listening to some recordings of the show, I realized how much they loved the fans and the city itself. They closed with bad which was written about a man who now lives in Pittsburgh. (at least that's what I think he was trying to say) It was an amazing closer. The whole show was very good but the highlight was definitely bad."
favorite album: All That You Can't Leave Behind
"I grew up on this album. I love the songs and I like how it's produced. "
favorite song: Walk On
"It's hopeful, has a great guitar part, and is their best closer. What more could you ask for?"

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