Male, 47
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Skiing, MTB, Snowboarding, Scouting, Orienteering, Running, Gym, Music, Movies, etc
13 years ago
8 shows during 5 tours
personal record

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"First time to see band live! Stockholm show was just amazing!"
favorite show: 1992-06-11 - Stockholm
"Same reason as for the tour - you will never forget how the show started with Zoostation!!"
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"One of the many masterpiece's that still had those unforgettable choruses."
favorite song: Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
"One of the best non-single songs ever made!! Yet many bands, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, etc. Have "done" the same thing, having amazing songs, but never released them as single."

about teha
Born in Vaasa during mid ..70..s. Joined to VMV (Vaasan Metsäveikot) in 1982 and been a member ever since (check the website). Participated to the first Scoutskillcompetition at late ´80, been competing ever since. Got my first radio/cassetteplyer in 1984 when I was 10 years old. Been listening music ever since. At the moment the CD collection is some 450 discs and counting. First contact with Skiing in 1985. Been a Skiing/snowbord-instructor since 1999. Have had 3 boards and 3 skies, but sold the ones not in need, so the count is now 2 + 2. Got bite of MTB-fly during 1998, when bought my first Sunn Xircuit Plus Bike, been biking since. Got DH-bike 2005 after felling on DH-course with the old one. So Rocky Mountain Switch S1 for DH and Sunn Xircuit Plus for trails. Been watching movies for along time, but started to collect DVD versions on first mission abroad. Now the collection is approx. 3000 movies and counting. Now even started to collect Blu-Rays, because of equipment upgrade. Got Pioneer BDP-LX52, Pioneer VSX-AX4Si and Pioneer KRF-9000FD Lived in various cities in Finland, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Pori, Lahti, Kemijärvi, Kemi. Visited more then 45 different skiing resorts in Finland. And getting better even with the Swedish ones. Count now is 7. With Norway even worse, only 3. In Bosnia I´ve visited only Jahorina and Canada only Whistler. Joined three times to Peacekeeping missions, 04/2001-10/2002 (Lebanon - Unifil & Kosovo - KFOR), 10/2004-10/2005 (Afghanistan - ISAF), 12/2008-11/2009 (Bosnia - EUFOR & Kosovo - KFOR). The latest achievement is Marathon in Vienna on 19.04.2009 in 4 h 57 min 42 seconds.