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IT team leader
13 years ago
9 shows during 6 tours
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2015-11-11 - Paris
"My first indoor show and it was Amazin.."
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The Joshua Tree
veraste heard 11 songs from the The Joshua Tree album live.
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"It was my first one"
favorite show: 2015-11-11 - Paris
"My first indoor. It will stay forever in my heart because I saw it witj my second daughter."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"When I fell in love with their music"
favorite song: One
"Just a must"

about veraste
I follow U2 since Achtung Baby and their music has been the soundtrack of my life. One is the song who talks about my pregancies, All I want is You is my love song, Sunday Bloody Sunday is the song who made me realize that my 2nd daughter ear for music was way better than mine, Iris is about my fav fictional character of all times, Dean Winchester and so on. Almost everyone of their songs, along with what the band meant with it, carry a special meaning for me, completely different sometimes, but it's there.