2018-05-04 - St. Louis, Missouri - Scottrade Center


Performance notes: Bono apologizes multiple times early on for the cancellation of last year's show. Tour debut of New Year's Day.
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songs per album

  1. Songs Of Experience (8)
  2. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (3)
  3. Achtung Baby (3)
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  5. Boy (2)
  6. War (2)
  7. Songs Of Innocence (2)
  8. Rattle and Hum (1)
  9. Pop (1)
  10. The Unforgettable Fire (1)

best song performances

  1. Acrobat (4 votes)

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review by u2shula

5 years ago


For only the second show of the new Tour, the band performed very well, but there were a few bumps along the way. At times Edge seemed off, like during Starring a the Sun and Until the End of the World. The band dropped Raised By Wolves and seemed to not have a transition worked out to bridge between Sunday Bloody Sunday and Until the World. It was rough. New Year's Day was performed and sounds great....but would have liked the last lyric to be included as done on the JT Tour last year. This was U2's way of bringing the JT tour to St. Louis due to the cancellation, and though great to hear NYD, it was a really good replacement to last year's show. I know U2 is making a point to not play anything from the JT album, but would have been cool to at least make this show longer, like keeping Horses in the setlist, or playing Red Flag Day for the 1st time. Seemed like U2 wanted to come in and get out of St. Louis as fast as possible.


Good iem recording, but sound off at times, and vocals not right. For example Edge during Beautiful Day, especially sounds louder than Bono and as he backs the vocals with 'Day' it is borderline annoying. Worth a listen though.
Recording: "Audience/IEM matrix" - 4 stars


I have never been so disappointed by an audience as I was with the St. Louis crowd. There were some good people were by, but there was some complete jerks too. We had reserved seats in the 100-Level (main level), we were 2 rows from the B-Stage. When U2 took the stage, Most of our section stood, but we were yelled at to sit down and that the 'lady' (I want to call her something else) pushed my wife and said that she was going to sit the whole show. The started a bit of confusion and discussion trying to figure out if we were at a play or a rock show. I feel this person had mental issues and cant say she is an example of everyone there, but unfortunately she set the tone for us that night. Aside from that, looking around, it seemed to be a very still crowd (maybe some head bobs). During Elevation I looked at the floor and it seemed like the crowd had no idea how to react to the song so everyone froze, it was strange. I have mainly seen U2 in Chicago, which is a city that goes nuts for the band. I have also seen U2 in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, both of which had crowds that went crazy for U2. St. Louis was just blah....sorry to the few that really got into this show (like me), but we were over run by a stale audience.


We are from the Chicagoland area, and were very excited to travel for a weekend getaway to St. Louis. We left in the late morning, and went straight to Budweiser for the Brew Tour, which was fantastic and something we always wanted to do. I was wearing a U2 shirt on the tour and met a couple of very nice people going to the show that evening. We left Bud and went over to a bakery that had been featured on the Food Network (amazing btw)...then to a BBQ place (also was on the food network) to have dinner. We then checked into our hotel and walked to the show. We walked down to our seats and found two squatters in them. They acted annoyed that we asked to sit in our ticketed seats and reluctantly moved....I should have known how thing were going to go from there. We sat down though, and started talking to fans next to us. It was a mother and daughter who were super excited (as we were) to be at the show. They were pointing out tribute band members on the floor and we discussed all things U2. The Winter Beats started to play, and the excitement mounted. The lights dimmed, the MRI 'scan' began and we were ready to have list off with Love Is All We Have Left. We joined our section in standing to greet the boys, when suddenly I noticed my wife get pushed forward. We had real witch sitting behind us, who felt entitled because she was 60 and felt she could push my wife around....a real bully. I describe her in more detail in the audience area so I won't go into in any more. Luckily she left the show several times, at one point we even traded seats with her to appease her. Then she left at Acrobat...so a little early I would say. Not sure if she was mentally ill, drunk, or a bit of both. Anyway....the show overall was good, I wouldn't say U2's best (as described above), and after seen U2 2 more times after (in Chicago), there was no comparison in shows. The Chicago shows were way better....venue (the Scottrade Center was a dump compared to the United Center in Chicago), audience, acoustics/sound, the band, pretty much everything.

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